NMF Series 19 '' Rack Mount Fiber Distribution Unit, 1U/2U/3U

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P/N Height Mounting Number of ports Individual package To compare Add to cart
Volume, м3 Weight, kg
NMF-RP24-BLANK-WS-1U-GY 1U Cabinet / 19’ Rack’ 24 FC, SC / 48 LC 0.005940 0.0059
NMF-RP24-BLANK-WS-2U-GY 2U Cabinet / 19’ Rack’ 48 FC, SC / 96 LC 0.010932 0.0109
NMF-RP24-BLANK-WS-3U-GY 3U Cabinet / 19’ Rack’ 96 FC, SC / 192 LC 0.016996 0.0170


Rack Mount Fiber Distribution Unit (FDU) are designed for switching optical fibers, in particular to create a detachable connection between optical cords connected to active equipment and terminated with fiber optic cables. Optical cables are built into the cross and terminated with the necessary connectors by welding with pigtails. To protect the joints and lay the stocks of fiber lengths, special splice cassettes and heat shrink sleeves are used. The connection of the terminated cable to the patch cords takes place through the optical pass-through adapters, which are installed in the removable panels on the front part of the FDU. NMF series is a lightweight version of the FDU with access through the top cover. FDU cases are made of steel and reliably protect fibers from external mechanical influences and object entering. For ease of installation and maintenance, the depth of the panel in the rack or cabinet can be changed. A simple design allows for convenient and fast installation of optical networks. NMF-RP24-BLANK-WS-1U-GY has a 1U form factor and with capacity of 3 NMF series adapter panels, i.e. up to 24 FC / SC / ST ports or up to 48 duplex LCs. NMF-RP48-BLANK-WS-2U-GY has a 2U form factor and with capacity of 6 NMF series adapter panels, i.e. up to 48 FC / SC / ST ports or up to 96 duplex LCs. NMF-RP96-BLANK-WS-3U-GY has a 3U form factor and with capacity of 12 NMF series adapter panels, i.e. up to 96 FC / SC / ST ports or up to 192 duplex LCs.

Key features

The depth of the panel in the cabinet or rack can be adjusted by moving the brackets to the desired position

Steel body

Slots for NMF adapter panels



1 year

Height, U



Cabinet or 19" Rack




Individual - cardboard box



Number of slots for adapter panels


Distance between studs of splice cassettes, mm


Dimensions (LxWxH), mm

482х215х43, 482х215х86, 482х215х129

The maximum number of SC / FC / ST ports


Maximum number of LC ports



Basic equipment

Fiber distribution unit 1
Fiber optic connector cover 1
Cabinet / 19" rack mounting bracket 2
Adapter panels mounting clip 6
Screw for fastening the splice cassette and the lid 2
Cable fixing strap 2
Set of cable tie 1
Mounting kit 1